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» Reaching the Other 75% from The Mobile Technology Weblog
Walter Adamson over at I-Mode Strategy writes about Phillip's initiative to put handsets in the pockets of the 75% of the global population that is within reach of service but for whom phones are financially unattainable. Walter writes: "Right... [Read More]

» Philips' program to create sub-$5 mobile phones from Smart Mobs
(Via Mobile Technology Weblog) i-mode Business Strategy blogs about Philips' program to create ultra-low-cost phones: "Right now, 77 percent of the world’s population lives within range of a mobile phone network, but only 25 percent of the world’s pop... [Read More]

» Driving the Costs Down from WorldChanging: Another World Is Here
Last February, the GSM Association (the organization of manufacturers of mobile phones on the globally-used GSM standard) announced the Emerging Markets Handset Program, seeking to... [Read More]

» A Cell Phone for Under Five Bucks from FutureWire
Philips Semiconductors executive Thierry Laurent has a solution to bring cell phones to the masses: a cell phone that would retail for less than $5... [Read More]

» $5 phones from JD on MX
$5 phones: Over the past eight years there has been a tug-of-war in mobile devices -- one evolutionary strain pushes for more capable gadgets with higher-end functionality, while another strain pushes for lower-priced and more universal gadgets. (I rem... [Read More]


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