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Walter Adamson

LYRICS for Telstra i-mode tune. If you like Carmen Miranda singing "I like you very much" then join the I Yi Yi Yi site you'll find the lyrics posted there, Walter.


can you send me the lyrics to the i-mode advertisement song? My Friend and I desperately want it


Do you know if the i-mode song is available as a mobie phone ring tone?


could you please post the lyrics to the theme song..i can only remember the first three lines and its in my head all the time!


hi i was wondering who sang the song and what is it called on the imode ad??? it is so cool!


Can you please post the words to the song that go's with your commercial, i love it. Me and my friends can't stop singing it. Thank you

Neale Rudd

By the way, I saw a new Crazy John's ad last night advertising i-mode for the first time. The ad is quite good and informative (in my opinion), as it shows how i-mode can be used to access ebay.

Neale Rudd

Hi Mike,

That's Carmen Miranda singing "I like you very much". I think it's from the 40's.

Best Regards,


I think that the i-mode tv commercial is good. But what is the song that is played, and who sings it?

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